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Welcome to the GRAND ELVIS TRIVIA CONTEST. This is simply a fun way to test your Elvis knowlege via Elvis trivia questions. The winner (who has the highest score) will be rewarded with a congratulatory post on alt.elvis.king proclaiming the winner to be the most knowing Elvis fan on the internet, and a virtual certificate. Please read the following rules, then take the test and send it in. You will get a response telling your score of the contest. With this contest, we will see who the biggest Elvis fans are on the internet. If you don't know that much about Elvis, take it anyway, it's fun! Just see how you do, that's all. If you run into any problems with this page or the form system, e-mail me.
NOTE: If you'd like to listen to "Suspicious Minds" as you take the test, press here. Rather if "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" tickles your fancy for listening, click here.

You must abide by the following rules, read them carefully:
1. You CANNOT consult anything or anyone whatsoever concerning the answers to the questions. We are on the honor system here, so don't spoil it for everyone else. You must use your mind and memory to answer these questions and you alone. No consulting cd's, books, people, or any other information source.
2. You MUST answer EVERY question! Every single one! DO NOT leave an answer blank, it will throw off your whole score and corrupt your test. If you don't know an answer, GUESS! You have a better change of getting it correct anyway!
3. You MUST give me your e-mail address so I can send you back your results.
4. Have fun!

...On with the test... good luck!

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please verify that your e-mail address it correct, if it's wrong you are disqualified...

Multiple Choice: choose the correct answer.

1. What was the only country other than the U.S. that Elvis performed a concert in?

2. Which of Elvis' films is the only one not to feature him singing on camera in it?

3. What was Elvis' last #1 single in the US charts?

4. In the song 'Merry Christmas Baby' when Elvis jokingly shouts "wake up, Put!," who is Elvis referring to?

5. What was the first studio song that James Burton played on?

6. In which movie did Elvis co-star with Walter Matthau?

7. What was Elvis' last #1 album in the U.S. charts?

8. What was Elvis' favorite sport?

9. In which movie did Elvis star with Bill Bixby?

10. Of all his movies, which is said to be Elvis' personal favorite?

11. Which Beatles song did Elvis cover in 1969?

12. In 1958, what was the last songs Elvis recorded before leaving for Germany for his army stint?

13. Which musician made this famous quote?: "Before Elvis there was nothing."

14. What was the first song Elvis ever recorded at Sun Records?

15. What was the last single released by Sun before Elvis left for RCA?

16. What was the last song Elvis ever performed in public?

17. In 1974 Elvis won the Grammy for Best Inspirational Performance for what song?

18. In what year did Bill Black, Elvis' original bass player, die?

19. In what year did Elvis purchase Graceland?

20. On November 1, 1973, why was Elvis Hospitalized?

21. It was rumored in 1974 that Elvis was going to star in what film with Barbara Streisand?

22. In 1975, what did Elvis name his renovated Convair 880 jet?

23. In November 1976 who did Elvis split up with?

24. On June 26, 1977, where did Elvis play that would turn out to be his last concert ever?

25. In December 1970, when Elvis met President Nixon at the white house, what did Elvis bring as a gift for president Nixon?

26. What was Elvis' favorite kind of soda?

27. What type of music did Elvis site as being his first love?

28. What song was the b-side to "Guitar Man"?

29. Which soundtrack album is the song "All That I Am" on?

30. Of the following songs, which did Elvis never record?

31. What was Elvis' first single for RCA?

32. Which album contains the song "I've Got A Thing About You Baby"?

33. Who designed Elvis' gold-lame suit which he wore in concert in 1957?

34. What song was the b-side to "I'm Leavin'" in 1971?

35. Of the following songs, which did Elvis never record?

36. In which movie did Elvis play two different characters?

37. What was Elvis' natural hair color?

38. Of the following songs, which one did Red West, Elvis' friend and bodyguard, write?

39. What was the last studio song that Bill Black, Elvis' original bass player, played on?

40. In what movie did Elvis star along with Mary Tyler Moore?

41. How do you spell Elvis' middle name?

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