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Name: Jess CLIFFE
Gender: Male
Age: 16 I suppose
Life?: No
Residence: Suburban New Jersey
Profile: My name is CLIFFE and I'm just another boy who realizes that I have nothing more important to do than play games. There are plenty of ways to waste or kill time, and you may as well pretend to have fun doing it. You have to waste your time and effort somehow. Although I'm not a Star Wars guru (who lurks about, talking like Darth Vader), I was really into Dark Forces. Naturally, when Jedi Knight came out, it made me happy. Yet, I am not the best Jedi Knight player in the world. In fact, in most multiplayer games I struggle to get out of the negatives (as Vandeley will attest to). But I have fun being terrible so it all doesn't matter a bit. This whole idea was one of those stupid ideas that Vandeley and I had that would never happen. So I got tired of not making things happen and started the site. Quake 2 is also in my game bag of treats, yet fragging gets old. Even more important to me than all this bosh is music. Music is my best friend. Those who grace my sacred record collection are the likes of David Bowie, The Who, Bob Dylan, of course Elvis, and a slew of others you'll never hear of. I also have a bustling Pez dispenser collection, but don't talk to me about it. So my life simply consists of thinking what I should do and trying to make decisions but there are just so many blasted choices. Thanks for being bored by now and perhaps I'll see you in a deathmatch (with a negative score).
I'm not mad, really.

Name: Jordan "Vandeley" Klein
Gender: Male
Age: 16 also
Life?: No
Residence: New Jersey also
Profile: I spend a lot of time at my computer, but I also do many other things. I really enjoy going to concerts, movies, and listening to music. I like a lot of 70's music and have gone to many concerts. I like groups such as: Kool and the Gang, K.C. and the Sunshine Band, and War "Lowrider". I really enjoy playing games over the internet after I have beaten the single player four or five times. That is the cool thing about computer games. They never get boring with multiplayer capabilites. Anyway, I also love making any game better with either patches or levels as you can see with the site. I will never get bored with Jedi Knight, XvT, or Quake II. I also like all of the EA Sports '98 games. If anybody ever needs help with anything that has to do with patches just ask me.